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Item Nunber & Product Name:Insulation piercing connectors
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Material:High strength aIuminium alloy anti-UV plastic
A broad usage in the low voltage insulation lines leading the branch connection to the main conductor T-connection of low voltage insulation wire service and cable branch connection for building distribution system The material for the inside body is high strength aluminum alloy,and the insulation cover is used polyvinyl chloride(PVC)The connectors with specially designed contact teeth are suitable for the connetion of aluminum Put the main conductor and branch conductor parallel into the teeth grooves of the clamp,tighten the bolts,pierce the insulation of two conductors to make the conductors connect
The insulation cover functions as waterproof and sealing perfectly
At the breaking force of the conductor the connector will not be distorted and broken At the rated current and short circuit rising temperature of the connector should be less than the connecting conductor

Type Main conductor cross-section(mm2) Tap conductor cross-section(mm2)
PI-71 35-95 4-54
CD-71 35-95 4-54
PC-150 35-150 4-50
P-71 35-95 4-50
P-72 35-95 2×4-50
P-150 70-150 2×4-54
P-151 16-150 6-95

Material:High strength aIuminium alloy anti-UV plastic
Product property:JBDC and JBDD series products have more function than JBD
JBDC is to lead the branch from the bare main line while JBDD is to lead the branch from the insulated mainline,tighten the bolt with an idea torque which ensure the best quality of connection

Type Bare Main conductor cross-section(mm2) Insulated Branch conductor cross-section(mm2)
JBDC6-35/6-35 6-35 6-35
JBDC50-150/6-35 50-150 6-35
JBDC50-150/35-95 50-150 35-95

Type Insulated Main conductor cross-section(mm2) Bare Branch conductor cross-section(mm2)
JBDD6-35/6-35 6-35 6-35
JBDD50-150/6-35 50-150 6-35
JBDD50-150/35-95 50-150 35-95
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