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Item Nunber & Product Name:JBC insulation piercing clamp
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Application:In the low-voltage insulation lines,leading the branch connection of the branch coductor from the main conductor,T-connection of low voltage insulation service wire and the branch connection for the distribution systm cable.Features:The clamp has specially designed contact teeth,suitable for the transition connection of copper and aluminium.outside insulation shield is made glass fibre reinforce high polymer material.Itsunnecessary to remove the insulation layer of the conductor when using.Take the main coudutor and branch conductor parallel into the teeth groove of the clamp and tighten the bolt,pierce the insulation of two conductors at the same time make the conductor connect.The insulation conductor is covered with the insulation shield and sealing,functions as the waterpoof sealing.Performance:
Mechanical performance:at the breaking force of the conductor, the clamp should not be broken. Temperature rise performance:at the rated current and short circuit current,the surface temp.rise of the clamp should be less than of the connecting conductor. Warerproof insulation perfmance:uder the water 30cm,add 6kV,1min,no beakdown.

TypeCorss section of the main conductor(mm2) Corss section of the branch conductor(mm2)
JBC-1160-120 16-50
JBC-250-240 50-120
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